Advice For Investing In New Properties in Malaysia

When looking to invest in real estate there are a few important things to consider. Most property that is owned is considered a financial investment that is a long term investment. However, as with all financial investments, some are good investments for the long term and some are not.

When evaluating whether a property is a worthwhile investment, there are a few important considerations that can help to better understand the potential risks versus the rewards of a property.

As a general rule, new properties in Malaysia are a good investment if they are located in a good area and the property is not overpriced at the time of purchase. As with any investment in real estate it is only as valuable as its resale value in an open and fair market. Since the real estate market fluctuates, it is important to purchase property that has a good chance of retaining its value.

While some older properties can retain their value quite well, this usually occurs if the property is bought at a good price and can be improved without extreme financial expense and is in a good location. The other way an older property can be a good investment is if the property is well maintained, in a good location and was purchased at a fair price (search here).

The way people often get caught up buying a property that does not hold its value is by making a few errors when purchasing. This often starts if they overpay for the property. However, there are a few other causes for property value decline such as: the overall real estate market suffers losses, the property itself was not a good investment because of the location, or the property becomes a repair nightmare because the property has need for many unknown substantial repairs.

It is always advisable before investing in any real estate to do a market evaluation of the area of the property, the current values of comparable properties and to evaluate the extended financial market for housing based on regional employment and income statistics. If all of these are properly analyzed and the property is examined for sound construction and an inspection of the property for any latent defects is done, the investor can be more secure in making the investment in the property. This is true for both older properties and newer construction properties as well. Both old and new properties can have defects, or be located in less than stellar areas so assessing the situation for each property is important.